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Are you an aviation enthusiast? If so, congratulations! You are in a Virtual Air Company capable of making you become a virtual pilot simulating procedures the closest to the real and amusing.

Welcome to Gold Virtual Airlines!


Article 1º Gold Virtual Airlines is an entertainment-only organization that has no ties to any real company and that the procedures simulated here, while based on real aviation, should not be used on real flights and aircraft.

Article 2º Our simulations for Pilots and Controllers, happen interconnected to the worldwide network of computers / servers: Internet. So you can simulate flight or air traffic control in an international multiplayer environment giving you the ability to view colleagues' aircraft around the world and interact with controllers. For this to happen you will need to register with Gold Virtual Airlines Partner Networks. To become a member of Gold Virtual you will need to have an active and valid record on the 2 (two) networks below:

Article 3º Registration will take place in 3 phases:

………§ 1 Read and agree to this Regulation and to the Term of Use and Privacy and the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
………§ 2 Fill out the registration form available at the bottom of this page;
………§ 3 Wait for Gold's People's Department (HR) e-mail contact with date and time information for the interview to take place on VA's (Virtual Airline) TeamSpeak3.

Article 4º Gold Virtual Airlines reserves the right to refuse registrations at random, without informing its reasons and / or limiting the number of available seats.

Article 5º If the applicant is to fly in another VA, he / she must request low / dismissal because GVA   (Gold Virtual Airlines) does not accept candidates who fly in 2 or more VAs with the exception of VAs that simulate military operations exclusively .

Article 6ºMinimum Requirements


  • Minimum age of 16 years;
  • Availability of time, at least 2 (two) hours per week;
  • Have a computer that supports the Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D or X Plane. To know the requirements of this system FSX, P3D ou X-Plane click on the link's;
  • Have microphone (preferably Head Phones);
  • Internet connection. At least 1mb;
  • Availability to carry out at least 08 (eight) flights per month;
  • A lot of willingness to learn, teach, respect and have fun with our crew and network colleagues.

Article 7º We do not require theoretical or practical knowledge, as long as the pilot is available for training and is aware that he will not be able to perform flights online by GVA without having a Theoretical and Practical Check in the Virtual Private Pilot Course.

Article 8º The Candidate Hiring:   The entry will take place in 2 phases.

………§ 1 – Phase 1: Interview:   The candidate must appear for the interview in the day and time marked in the email sent by HR. The interview will be conducted by TeamSpeak. Checkhere how to connect.  Once this has been done, the pilot will have his / her registration and interview evaluated by the HR board and if approved, the first access to the communication channels with GVA will be released: Access to TeamSpeak Rooms, Training Academy, Forum, Facebook Group, Youtube Channel , Ticket System and Whatsapp Channel. & Nbsp; On the day of the interview, the candidate will receive all the information to begin the training at the Training Academy and Aeroclube Gold.

………§ 2 – Phase 2: Theoretical and Practical Courses, Trainings and Checks: The Applicant will follow the script below to obtain his Gold pilot certification and authorization to fly online through VA:


  • Conduct the Institutional Course Welcome to Gold Virtual Airlines;
  • Take the Simulator Course to Fly in Gold. This course grants members Rating P1 at VATSIM;
  • To choose the career of pilot of airplane or helicopter and to realize the Course of Pilot Virtual Private and to have the Practical Check approved with a grade equal or superior to 70;
  • Conduct the Aircraft Familiarization Course with theoretical check approved with a grade of 70 or higher;
  • Carry out the training and development missions;
  • Approve in the practical check of Virtual Private Pilot with a grade equal or superior to 70.

………§ 3 The maximum term of this process, in search of the approval of Practical Check of Private Pilot, can not exceed 60 days considering the date of the interview as the beginning of this term.

………§ 4 Recognition and / or Transfer of Rating: Gold Virtual Airlines recognizes the Rating's below and waives the applicant from complying with paragraph § 2 e § 3 do Article 8º, in the following condition:


  • Rating of P3 in VATSIM;


The members in the above situations will already be contracted as PPVA - Virtual Private Pilot of Plane or PPVH - Virtual Private Pilot of Helicopter in Gold and can begin immediately the official flights by the CIA.

Article 9º  A   Gold Virtual Airlines Aircraft Fleet   has 4 lines of activities:

………§ 1 Gold Instruction: In this we have 5 aircraft:

  1. Cessna 152
  2. Cessna 172
  3. Tupi P28A
  4. Robinson 22
  5. Esquilo AS350

………§ 2 Gold Air Taxi: In this we have 5 types of aircraft.

  1. Baron 58
  2. Pilatus PC12
  3. Cessna C208
  4. Agusta AW139
  5. Bell429

……….§ 3 Gold Commercial: In this we have 6 types of aircraft:

  1. ATR72-500
  2. DASH8 Q400
  3. Embraer 195
  4. Boeing 733, 737 e 739
  5. Airbus A320
  6. Boeing 747-400

……….§ 4 Gold Cargo: This line of activity will be launched soon:

Article 10º

……….§ 1 Career Plan:   GVA has a career plan that allows the crew to evolve their knowledge and skills in various aircraft / equipment. Therefore, the crew member will be promoted according to the approvals in the theoretical and practical checks in the GVA.

……….§ 2 In order to recognize and highlight the differentiated members GVA has the "Fly Higher than Your Dreams" incentive program, with it we recognize with Avatars in TeamSpeak 3 the member at each conclusion of cycles, tours, trainings, etc.…

Article 11º Flight On Line: The member may fly on any approved GVA aircraft regardless of the number of flight hours, provided that it has approvals and certifications. See below the GVA online flight requirements


Cessna 172 - (C172)

Tupi P28A - (P28A)

Baron 58 - (BE58)

Pilatus 12 - (PC12)

Cessna - (C208)

ATR72-500 - (AT72)

Dash8 Q400 - (DH8)

Embraer 195 - (E195)

Boeing 737-800 - (B737)

Airbus A320 - (A320)

Boeing 744-400 - (B744)


Robinson 22 - (R22)

Esquilo As350 - (AS350)

Bell 429 - (B429)

Agusta AW319 - (AW319)

Article 12º To account for flights in the GVA reporting system, it is mandatory to carry out online flights through the   IVAO or VATSIM network. Pilots who fail to comply with this determination and perform off-line flights will have their logs refused and in case of recidivism they may receive punishment.

Article 13º The sending of the Flight Plan is mandatory, as well as the completion of field 18: Remarks on all flights, with the following inscription: OPR/GOLD VIRTUAL AIRLINES/RMK/PIC GLDXXX/RMK/WWW.GOLDVIRTUAL.COM.BR (where xxx is the pilot's enrollment)

Article 14º The GVA, concerned with the degree of realism in the operations and the quality of its crew, counts on a Training Academy with complete and didactic training, containing theory, video lessons, exercises and simulation to fix the various themes. We are proud to offer our members distance training on the Moodle platform and live lectures on TS3 on:

  • Preparation of the Simulator with installation tips and addons to improve simulation performance and quality;
  • Certification of Virtual Private Pilot and Virtual Commercial Pilot;
  • Familiarization of all fleet aircraft.

Article 15º  Routes and Tours: The Gold Virtual Airlines air network is huge because we are based on   great real CIA's.

……….§ 1 Click here and know our national and international destinations.

……….§ 2 In the GVA you will find several Tours spread throughout Brazil and abroad and upon completing them the pilot will receive & nbsp; Avatar in the TS3 recognition and highlighting Click here and know the Tours

Article 16º Flight reporting system:   The flight reporting system chosen by Gold Virtual Airlines was the "Sim Acars". It records all necessary flight parameters to the company and also arranges the sending and updating of the hours flown by the pilot automatically.

Article 17º Connection to TeamSpeak 3: & nbsp; To facilitate communication between members during trainings, flights and informal conversations, members must connect simultaneously to Gold TS3, IVAO and VATSIM, and disconnect from TS3 of VATSIM as soon as it is fly on IVAO and vice versa. & nbsp; Simultaneous Connection Information, seehere.

Article 18º Simulation rate acceleration: Speeding up or pausing simulator time during flights and / or performing them offline is strictly prohibited. The practice of these questions is subject to warning, suspension or exclusion of the VA.

Article 19º Inactivity:   Whenever you are absent and the period of inactivity reaches 30 days, the pilot must request your temporary departure for & nbsp; Ticket to & nbsp; HR Board. The member shall be entitled to two (2) annual leave totaling in both a maximum of 90 calendar days. Failure to do so will result in your disconnection.

Article 20º Conflicts and Complaints: & nbsp; Respect and respect are a right and duty of all. Gold Virtual Airlines is comprised of people who love, above all aviation, and so expect no incident among our members. & Nbsp; If there is noncompliance with this value, the Gold Virtual Airlines Ethics and Discipline Council - CEDG, will act . Click here and know the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Gold.

Article 21º Shutdown:   Will be Disconnected from GVA:

  • § 1 Pilot who remains for a period of 30 (thirty) days inactive and does not justify the absence;
  • § 2 Applicants who do not perform the first flight with Practical Virtual Private Pilot Ckeck within 60 (sixty) days after the interview;
  • § 3 Drivers who do not reach the minimum goal of 8 (eight) monthly flights consecutively for 3 months;
  • § 4 More conduits in the network, with VA members or TS3 partners.

Article 22º Use of the Training Academy, Forum, Facebook Group and Whatsapp: To maintain privacy and the friendly atmosphere among its members, GVA restricts the Training Academy, Forum and the Facebook Group to its crew members. In the forum the pilot will download the aircraft textures, scenarios, as well as text and video tutorials.

Article 23º Incentive Program: In order to encourage our crew members to take IVAO and VATSIM courses, mainly because they serve as study and development, members will be able to participate in the training modules for pilots and ATC's promoted by both nets

Article 24º Gold invites members as needed to make up the staff. These members volunteer in the organization of VA. All collaborative contributions made by him are solely for the use of Gold Virtual Airlines and if for any reason the member leaves the VA, he / she may not prohibit or take with them the projects without formal written authorization from the Gold presidency.

In accordance with the integrity of this Regulation and its annexes, complete the form below.

Welcome to Gold Virtual Airlines, because Here Your Dreams Fly High!